Hair Replacement System

Hair Replacement System

Regain confidence and mental wellbeing with our non-surgical Hair Replacement System.

Son of The Bear offers a hair replacement system that is made from a poly material that not only gives the perfect solution for those looking for a natural and undetectable hair system but, one that comes in a variety of colours to match your unique style! The hair replacement system is produced using 100% best quality hair to give a natural and thicker look and comes with 6” length hair so it can be cut and styled in any way.

The hair replacement systems can be made up to a max length of 24 inches.

For more information on our Hair replacement System or to book a consultation please email or call us on 07944 005415.

Full Maintenance Visit

We recommend your system is maintained by Son Of The Bear Barbershop. Your maintenance visit includes a full clean of the system and your scalp, followed by a blow-dry and cut (if required) to maintain the shape and style of your system.

Depending on lifestyle factors, we recommend a maintenance visit every 2-4 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the System last?
Each hair system has an average lifespan before a replacement is required. It will depend on how well you care and look after your hair system but typically our hair lasts up to 7 months, some of our clients have made them last a lot longer.

All hair systems will lose hair over time just like normal natural hair that sheds. The hair is ventilated into either a lace or skin base system so hair will shed over a period of time.

We do of course provide full details of how to look after your hair system including washing, conditioning, and the best styling products all of which is covered in your consultation.
No one will know that you are wearing a hair replacement system as they are undetectable. Even close up. Our systems are made with a lace or a skin poly base. Both replicate the scalp, and the hair will look as if it is growing from your own scalp.
Our systems do not need removing when you go to bed. Your hair system will stay fixed and securely in place whilst you’re sleeping!
Just like regular hair, you can shower and wash your hair as normal. We recommend your system to be washed once or twice per week.
Work out, lift weights, go running – your hair system will remain secure and undetectable at all times, leaving you to get on and stay active.
Yes! You can even go swimming wearing your new hair system. Our systems are attached with a waterproof adhesive to give you that maximum hold!
All kinds of men’s hair styles are possible, so it is advised to have a good idea of the style you would like and have some pictures where possible to show your stylist.